Warehouse Logistics Optimization


Warehouse Logistics Optimization


Containers are shipped with low volume utilization because manual packing by a partner in China is sub-optimal. Additionally, when the requested item is not available, planned substitutes are not placed because of manual re-planning complexity, which significantly decreases utilization even further.


Table of shipping items with dimensions and weight, Item availability spreadsheet, urgency priority for every item, minimum batch size, pallet and container loading template projects in HyperC, accounting tables to be recalculated.


Pallet loading scheme table, accounting report.


On every change, Odoo Python API script exports data from Inventory module to a CSV table, Loads data from Google Sheets availability document, merges with HyperC project, calculates optimization on a V2Cloud Windows server, then loads back accounting information and uploads loading scheme sheet to shared Google Sheets.

Time to implement:

15 hours + requirements & integration