HyperC offers two tabs: "Sheets" and "Actions." The Sheets tab contains free-form table data that the robot will manipulate by executing actions from the "Actions" tab. You may have as many actions as you like, and HyperC will automatically choose which of them are required.

Actions may manipulate individual cells from a table (the "Work on sheet" button), or they can modify pre-selected rows or add a new row to a table (the "Select/add row" button). You can add steps to your action by clicking on "Work on sheet" and "Select/add row" buttons.

On the top of every step in the action, there is a long input field displaying "All Fields" by default. This is a filter, or constraint field. Its purpose is to tell the robot when to execute this action. It also acts as a filter for which rows to select from the table. If any of the requirements in filter fields can not be satisfied, the action will not run.

Your First Robotic Task

Let's try to find which numbers give 4 when multiplied. You can start by creating a table as shown to the left.

For this and any other task you will need:

  • A goal action with final condition
  • Other optional actions

Defining a goal

On Actions tab, click on "Add action" and then select your table from "Work on sheet". Mark the action as goal by clicking on "Goal" button.

In the filter field, enter "E1=A1 * C1" - this will tell the robot about our requirement in a familiar Excel-like formula.

Working on sheet and optional actions

To find out which numbers actually satisfy the goal condition, we will need to tell the robot that it is allowed to start manipulating the numbers in our cells.

Let's add one action that will increase the numbers in cells A1 and C1, as shown below.

This is enough to solve the problem. You may click the button "Run Program" and see the result in Sheets tab.

Please go on and explore our gallery of examples covering various real-worlds topics from timetable creation, project planning to vehicle routing and invoice generation.

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