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Modern AI technology offers an innovative way to improve decision-making around planning, allocating and scheduling scarce resources. But until now, getting real intelligence for real decisions required teams of data scientists and programmers.

    We are out to change all that. Our cutting-edge AI understands your input in a simple spreadsheet form and automatically applies powerful algorithms to solve the problem.

Easy as Excel,
extended with AI

With its familiar Excel-like interface, HyperС is the only AI-driven, user-friendly optimization solver for front-line financial planners, business analysts, and operations managers. It is smarter than Excel, more accurate than human intuition, while easier to use than traditional solvers.

Built for business people, not data scientists

Unlike traditional solvers and sophisticated planning tools, HyperC does not require a Ph.D. and expert software development skills. It allows business users to define the task through no-code interactions, while Machine Learning technology processes the data, understands business logic, and finds the best solution to the problem at hand.

Flexible and fast, for better decisions

The ease and flexibility of HyperC allows users to tackle real business problems like budgeting resources, optimizing the use of limited assets, planning operation. Simply input process data, business rules, and constrains “as-is” in existing formats and HyperC will process them to find the best solution.

Use Cases


Manufacturing And Inventory Planning

Planning for manufacturing

Supply Chain Optimization

Marine kitchen supply order optimization

Pallet packing optimization

Storage And Shipping

Manufacturing Process Optimization

Highly customizable manufacturing

Vehicle Routing Optimization

Field service optimization

IT Configs Optimization

DevOps, Compute Cluster Resource Planning

Retail Inventory Planning

Showroom shop replenishment

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