The most advanced planner on Earth

HyperC combines the latest advances in AI-enabled planning with the most powerful compute to make the easiest-to-use solver yet. By deeply analyzing the supplied business rules and combining them with learned knowledge HyperC core offloads most of the math heavy-lifting to the CPU while releasing the brainpower to focus on the task.

Describe the task and let the machine solve

Describing the problem in HyperC is done with business rules that create a digital copy of some process or sub-process that may take place in your operations. For example, the doctor may get assigned to a calendar date; the truck may be ordered to some location. Then the AI takes all possible business activities that may take place and finds an optimal sequence of these activities to satisfy all requirements - revenue, regulatory, account balances, etc.

Built for business people, not data scientists

Unlike sophisticated AI tools, HyperC does not require a Ph.D. and expert software development skills. It allows business users to define the task through low-code interactions. The ease and flexibility of HyperC allow users to tackle real business problems like budgeting resources, optimizing the use of limited assets, planning operations. Simply input process data, business rules, and constraints “as-is” in existing formats, and HyperC will process them to find the best solution.

HyperC platform
lets developers and data scientists
help the business better

HyperC core embraces the principle of fine isolation of problem definition from the solution method. This enables the freedom for business to experiment with business rules while the developer's job is to make sure the system performance matches the requirements.

HyperC provides an array of tools for performance tuning including manual heuristics writing, hyperparameter tuning and supervised and unsupervised deep-learning.

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Author Name

I’ve been in the space of software development and no code approaches for a long time now and have never seen anything like this! Amazing! This is by far the most superior low code technology I have ever seen.‍

Manish Balakrishnan
Founder @ No Code Journalname

This could be a core technology behind every planning problem.

Steve Krouse
Future of Coding

Fascinating convo today with @Andrew_Gree, co-founder and #CTO of @theHyperC, which uses radically advanced #AI that can figure out how to use code to solve problems, little to no coding required.

Dion Hinchcliffe
IT futurist and keynote speaker from ZDNet and CIO journal

Great implementation of AI planning, solving a real world problem.

Antonin Komenda
Assistant professor at Czech Technical University in Prague - Faculty of Electrical Eng. - Artificial Intelligence Center

I am impressed. This looks like a 20-year story but the approach is working already today

Adam Smith
Assistant Professor of Computational Media at UC Santa Cruz

NASA is spending tens of millions of dollars on formal methods and what you did is super impressive”. “Security experts, Aerospace real-time algorithms developers urgently need to get proof that the systems are correct, and this technology makes it so much easier to do

Mark Reynolds
Research Scientist, Boston University

This is a very intriguing idea!”, “We’ve been using SAT solvers to synthesize programs but never thought about applying AI planning to the problem

Rastislav Bodik
Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering, Professor at University of Washington Seattle

I’ve been thinking about something like this for a while now. This is very exciting.

Joscha Bach
VP of Research at AI Foundation