Integrated inventory planning for on-demand manufacturing

Problem: The manufacturing formula exists in excel spreadsheet and is used to create an initial stock of raw materials and labor with multiple SKUs sharing the same raw material. As the actual SKUs are being ordered by customers, the material replenishment must be updated in sync with batch processing and manufacturing time estimates, as otherwise, the process will experience significant waste, utilization deficiency, or stockout.
Input: Current accumulated order, manufacturing formula XLSX, current inventory spreadsheet, batch process constraints project in HyperC Output: Optimal batch plan, Replenishment report in Google Sheets
Integration: Zapier updates Google Sheet with current orders. Twice a day, HyperC Google Sheets connector runs calculation and updates the Sheets report from a Google Cloud Instance. Once the batch is started, the orders sheet is automatically cleared.

Time to implement: 5 hours + requirements & integration

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