Field service optimization with trucking costs

Problem: Current accounting system emits assignments for field workers in assorted order. Technicians then pick assignments from the list and mentally figure out how to manage shared equipment, vehicle routing, time buffer for emergency service requests and minimize trucking costs.
Input: Table of assignments, customer site addresses, contractors table with availability windows and rates, service deadlines, static table with ZIP codes travel estimates per time of day, static table with equipment sharing formula, time estimates for each service category.
Output: Ordered optimal list of assignments for field workers, accounting report for trucking, equipment utilization and depreciation reports.

Integration: At 6:30AM, XLS export from NetSuite using CloudExtend to a dedicated HyperC job running in an AWS container with a customer's account. The calculated result is sent back using CloudExtend to NetSuite into the correct fields.

Time to implement: 15 hours + requirements & integration

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