Times easier
Times bigger scope
Hours to proficiency
No programming needed

Make decisions quickly

If you are using Excel spreadsheets for data analysis, you’re already at a disadvantage. Today’s successful organizations move quicker than the competition. HyperC allows business users to easily define the task through no-code interactions, while machine learning technology processes the data, understands the business logic, and finds the best solution to the problem at hand.

    Make decisions with confidence

      It’s important to make critical decisions based on facts and data, not hunches and assumptions.
    And the more manual the process, the more likely it is that the decision process will be rushed, inaccurate,
    or incomplete. Using proven and highly efficient algorithms, HyperC analyzes all the data to tackle
    real business problems with real data.

    Leverage data,
    don’t just collect it

    It’s one thing to have a lot of data; it’s another to have the tools to use it in impactful ways. HyperC enables business analysts and operations managers to make optimal use of their data to find solutions for business problems across various functions and units, including process optimization, resource allocation, and software development tasks.


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